Medical Portable Oxygen Generator

///Medical Portable Oxygen Generator

In modern days, breathing difficulties are becoming a common health issue, so as a medical solution which makes breathing process easy this portable oxygen generator has become a necessary item for individual patients.

Medical Portable Oxygen Generator (Concentrator) is a device that supplies oxygen to the patients who needs it. Some patients have issues with the oxygen level because they have a minimum level of oxygen in their blood so in that case, they have a requirement for an oxygen generator. Hence, customers cannot directly buy these oxygen generators over the counter and therefore it has to be prescribed by a doctor.

Vacker KSA provides medical portable oxygen generator with the electrical battery(Read about our Battery Charging Systems) so if you want to use the device when you are moving you can plug and charge the electrical battery from an outlet. This will be an advantage when you are moving by car, bus, ship or train. Once you are using it while moving the only thing what you have to do is to ask permission about POC before buying a mass-transit ticket.

Advantages of Medical Portable Oxygen Generator


This portable oxygen generator takes normal air, modifies it and issues it with another form so it filters out everything except for the oxygen. This device comes with several delivery ways such as Pulse dose and continuous flow, so once someone wants to use it first you have to check with a doctor and make sure you choose the correct medical portable oxygen generator before buying.

Since the device has long battery life it is very beneficial, especially, if you move long distance. Besides you can use it while you fly from one country to another, take them for picnics, car rides or football games because of the mobility of the device. And also not like old days you don’t have to carry large oxygen generators(Read about our Electrical Equipment) since this device is portable and light in weight compared with the regular home oxygen concentrator. So anyone can easily carry this and use whenever there is requirement.

Generally, while doing sports activities most of the athletes get this breathing issue so in that incident, this device will be useful. And also since it is portable and able to move from place to place they can keep it in the sports first-aid box. So there will be no issues or risks with quick treatments to the players if the team get critical breathing situations. And it provides up to 90% oxygen to the patients 24/7.

Features of Medical Portable Oxygen Generator


Mainly for the patients with breathing issues someone has to monitor them regularly during day and night but along with the current present busy world it has become a difficult duty, nevertheless since this device has an option of alarm system whenever the patient’s pattern of breathing becomes slow it automatically gives a special alarm so that time anyone can detect there is a critical situation with the patient. So with this device, there is no requirement of keeping someone with the patient and monitoring the patient regularly. It makes peoples day to day life easy and less critical.

Medical Portable Oxygen Generator makes the peoples life more independent since they can enjoy the walks alone, do whatever the sports they want, take part in exercises activities as they like without giving any trouble to the other people since the device is easy handling and user-friendly in operating. And also it will lead to stronger and healthier bodies with high level of fitness.


The other unique feature of this device is, it is easy to use for any person with any age limit since this device is commonly used by old and aged people it is created with a user-friendly system with less critical features and equipment. And it can be connected easily to the power and charge the device quickly with lesser time duration even with the car’s sockets.

Vacker KSA provides Medical Portable Oxygen Generator with different sizes with additional features so if you need any explanations or inquiries you can easily contact Vacker KSA sales team and we are always ready to help you with expert advice and recommendations.