Data Center Monitoring

Data centers and server rooms are the most critical system of all operations nowadays and even momentary breakdown will cause the collapse of entire operations. Hence, it is imperative that environment monitoring of data centers and server rooms are extremely important. Basically, data center monitoring has the same parameters as that of a server room monitoring and hence we are explaining both in same terms.

Requirements of data center monitoring & server room monitoring:

While considering a suitable environment monitoring system for your data center, you have to look for the following features:

    data center monitoring system VackerGlobal
  • The data center monitoring system should work independently from the server system, so that even if the server fails to respond in time, you can receive at least the alerts.
  • The server room monitoring system should preferably work even in case of a power failure, for which a battery backup will be required.
  • Temperature sensors should be placed inside the room at different points, especially at hot points. Also, sensors should be placed inside hottest and critical points inside the racks.
  • One number humidity sensor is enough for a server room monitoring system of a medium sized room because humidity spreads fast and is not segmented as temperature.
  • Power failure monitoring also should be provided so that voice call alerts will be generated as soon as power fails.
  • Water leakage monitoring also should be provided because if condensation happens, water accumulation will happen. The water leakage monitoring consists of a sensor rope which will be laid out throughout the room and in case this sensor comes in contact with water, the leakage monitoring system generates an alert.
  • Phone Call dialer for server room monitoring
  • The server room monitoring system should be preferably connected to a smoke sensor so that it will generate alerts as soon as smoke occurs.
  • Email, SMS and voice call alerts should be possible to a couple of people. The system should generate alerts in case any of the monitored parameters exceed the programmed limits
  • It is preferred to have a cloud monitoring system so that you can monitor the parameters even if you are outside the area.
  • WiFi or wired LAN connections should be fine if you are looking only for one system.

Our solution for Environment monitoring of data center and server room

We are providing a complete solution package for data center monitoring, which contain the following sensors and features:

  • Temperature sensors which can be placed in the wall or inside the server racks. Depending on the number of sensors, we can provide customized solutions.
  • Water Leakage Monitoring System for Server Room Vacker Global
  • Humidity sensors which should be preferably placed in the wall. Ideally humidity sensors should not be placed in a hot point since humidity will be less at a hot point and hence will not give you a correct indication.
  • Water sensors of various lengths such as 5 meter, 10 meter, 20 meter etc. based on the size of the room for water leakage monitoring.
  • Independent smoke sensor which will not be connected to you centralized smoke detection system.
  • WiFi or Wired version models are available.
  • Independent auto dialer for a phone call and SMS alerts. This operates with a SIM card and operates even in the case of power failure.
  • Power failure monitoring sensors which give alert signal to the dialer for making phone calls alerts.