Cold Rooms for Dairy Products (Model number VAC – H11)

////Cold Rooms for Dairy Products (Model number VAC – H11)

Cold storage is the best method of preserving fresh commodities which include dairy products in their wholesome and fresh state for extended periods. This is mostly done by controlling and providing the right temperature and humidity environment within the storage compartments. Vacker KSA provides cold rooms for storage in Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.

Guidelines on choosing the best cold room for dairy products

When thinking of settling on the best cold room for your dairy products, it is always important to weigh the services offered by different companies. Make sure that you go for companies that offer you cold rooms that are capable of keeping and storing a huge amount of your dairy products at the best temperature, be it pallets of cheese, or liters of milk. The storage units should provide an ideal option for your company.

The cold storage needs of dairy products are reported to be more sensitive and dairy industries should understand the essence of having a perfectly operative cold room. This is because dairy products like milk have a short lifespan when exposed to even slight temperature elevation.

Features of good Dairy Industry Cold Storage

  1. Consistent and adjustable temperatures: Any cold room you opt for should be in a position of keeping your dairy products at the best level. It should as well be able to protect products from destructive bacteria which may affect its quality. This in return gives room too long-lasting preservation of the product.
  2. The aluminum and stainless steel interior is ideal for maintaining hygiene within your cold room facility for any breakages or spillages that may occur.
  3. It should have varying sizes: Any good company dealing with cold rooms should have a variety of sizes that range from small farms and businesses, as well as large dairies and creameries.
  4. A good cold storage should have supply chain monitoring: These solutions include temperature monitoring technology that might include recoding, tracking and reporting capabilities as necessary to many dairy companies. There are different ranges of temperature monitoring solutions which allow any dairy product company to manage its equipped resources. This makes cold room Model number VAC- H11 more economical and allows you to monitor the transport fleet and in-house cold room facility with ease.

Types of Conditions inside a Cold Storage:

  1. Temperature

    The first major condition of air necessary in any cold room is ‘Low temperature’. The low-temperature arrests or retards most of the deteriorating activities majorly bacterial growth in dairy products.

  2. Humidity

    This is the amount of moisture of air in cold room. It is also an essential parameter and needs to be kept in a particular range. Very low humidity means the stored product will lose its moisture owing to increase in evaporation in dry air. On the other hand, very high humidity means the likelihood of molds/ bacteria growing is very high. However, there are other factors that lower the humidity of the products which should be taken care of in advance.

  3. Motion of Air

    Cold room model number VAC-H11 allows continuous and free move of air over the products. This gives better heat transfer. It is ensured by designing suitable cooling coil and blower.

  4. Purity of Air

    It is also a significant parameter because impure air sometimes badly affects the quality of dairy products stored in. Suitable measures are adhered to when working with Cold room model number VAC-H11 to ensure the inside air remains pure.

In this way the main consideration is made for humidity, temperature, purity, and motion of air in your cold storage. But in what range should the humidity and temperature be? Get your hands on Cold room for dairy products model number VAC-H11 and you will never regret about it.