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Oxygen is considered to be the most important gas for human survival. Human existence completely relies on this gas content in the atmosphere. Hence the depletion of oxygen gas should be taken seriously. There are various things that are reason behind the deficiency of oxygen gas like pollution, deforestation, asphyxiation and many more. The deficiency of oxygen can be very hazardous to all living beings.

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The device that is used in monitoring oxygen level in the atmosphere continuously is commonly known as oxygen deficiency monitor. Vacker KSA supplies a wide range of oxygen deficiency monitor to all the major cities of KSA including Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca, Khamis, Mushayt, etc. These monitors are generally used in places that are harmful for human beings but need to be regulated like inert storage areas, confined space and many more. The oxygen deficiency monitor consists of an inbuilt alarm that can be connected to phones, computers and other device. This adjustable alarm gives an early warning regarding the changes in the level of oxygen in the concerned room. This feature of alarm helps in continuously monitoring the level of oxygen and warning the users on crossing critical levels. This can help you prepare against the impacts of oxygen deficiency in the ambient air. The changes in the oxygen level is monitored on real time and if the changes are critical then the same is notified to the users in the vicinity with the help of audible alarms, visual alarms or flashing of lights.

These devices have the capacity of storing a number of different readings and the readings can be later on downloaded to the PC through a user friendly USB interface. The data can be downloaded in the form of excel, word and the processing can be done in a comfortable way or as desired by the user.

General Specifications

Name of the deviceOxygen Deficiency Monitor
ApplicationNotification on deficiency of oxygen in ambient air.
Principle of DetectionElectrochemical Cell
Range of Detection0-30%
Accuracy± 0.1%
Response timeLess than 30s for 90% of readings.
DisplayBacklit bright LCD
Alarm TypesDiscrete buzzer, vibrator and flashing light.

These are some of the common specifications of oxygen deficiency monitors by Vacker KSA.

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Salient features and benefits of Oxygen Deficiency Monitors by Vacker KSA

Apart from the general specifications of oxygen deficiency monitor, here are some of its salient features and benefits:

  1. Multiple levels can be adjusted with dedicated alarms.
  2. Has the provision of remote monitoring.
  3. It comes with waterproof enclosure.
  4. The sensors have a working life of over 24 months.
  5. It has a measurement range of 0 to 30% of oxygen content in the ambient air.
  6. Extremely accurate.
  7. Easy installation and easy to use.
  8. Extremely low cost of repair and maintenance.

Applications of Oxygen Deficiency Monitors

Oxygen deficiency monitors are used in a number of industries and have a various applications like breweries, carbon dioxide storage areas, nitrogen plants, welding installations, enclosed working areas, fruit storage areas and many more.

Oxygen depletion (or technically termed as ‘asphyxiation’) has been a major concern for industries that store cryogenic liquid gases in dewers or use highly pressurized gas cylinders. Dedicated rooms are assigned for the storage of such containers or are exposed where other employees are working. Therefore in case of small leaks can also easily displace the oxygen concentration in the workplace. This can lead to serious health issues for the workers. Hence a room oxygen deficiency monitor can be installed and used in such critical areas thus quickly monitoring and notifying everyone at vicinity once the level of oxygen content in the ambient air drops below normal range.

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