Oxygen Monitoring

The gas needed by the human beings for their survival is oxygen gas. We all know the importance of oxygen gas in our lives hence we all need to know the level of oxygen in the ambient air. Both indoor and outdoor, we need to monitor the level of oxygen. Vacker KSA supplies oxygen monitoring systems of higher quality. As the name suggests Oxygen monitoring systems are used for monitoring the Oxygen gas content in the air. We have a list of different models in our oxygen monitoring system like oxygen meter, oxygen deficiency meter, Oxygen monitor (explosion proof), oxygen monitor for vacuums, Remote oxygen monitoring, and much more.

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Oxygen ContentResulting impacts on Humans
23.5%It is the maximum safe level for humans and other beings.
21%It is the normal Oxygen concentration of air.
19.5%It is the minimum safe level for humans and other beings.
17-6%A number of disorders and signs of impaired health.
<6%Extreme shallow breathing and convulsive movements, final impact -DEATH.

Apart from impacts on humans and other beings, low level of oxygen creates the risk of asphyxiation. Oxygen should be in a normal range. We know it is important but too much of it is not safe too. High concentration of oxygen level creates the danger of catching fire. Hence oxygen monitors help in ensuring that the working or the living environment is in safe standards. If the levels drop or rise towards risky zone then the alarms in the monitor will be activated. Depending upon the size of the space, you want to install your oxygen monitor so as to know the oxygen deficiency or the oxygen enrichment level.

Features of Oxygen Monitoring System

There are different types and features of oxygen monitoring systems that Vacker KSA has in offer. Some of them are as under:

  1. There are different types of oxygen monitoring systems with multiple configurations.
  2. There are many options depending upon your budget and need. From low-cost monitors to heavy duty expensive monitors.
  3. Each one of them comes with the basic or fully featured display.
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  5. Many models have dual level monitors with the option of alarm relays that are user selectable. The sample flows, sensors cells and electronics are continuously monitored during the usage of built-in alarms relays.
  6. Instant notification is sent to the users in the form of alarm so that everyone in the vicinity can take precautionary actions. These alarms can be audible sirens, visual alerts or vibration alert.
  7. The oxygen monitors can be operated or monitored remotely without regular manual intervention. The monitors can be placed remotely from the vulnerable areas. These monitors can be placed as far as 1,000 meters from the positioning of sensors. This feature significantly reduces the risk of being exposed to risky areas.
  8. The sensors of oxygen monitors from Vacker KSA have better efficiency and higher reliability, in comparison to similar models from other suppliers and manufacturers. These sensors can perform with utmost efficiency even on harsh conditions of temperature, pressure and relative humidity.
  9. These oxygen monitors have the efficiency of working almost anywhere with its usage best valued at laboratories, hyperbaric chambers, cryogenics chambers, freezers, almost every industrial sectors, offices, and homes.
  10. The sensors and other components of the oxygen monitors have a long working life. Many of the parts are covered under warranty conditions. Hence resulting in a very low cost of repair and maintenance. Hence your budget for repairing and maintaining your oxygen monitors is always going to be intact.
  11. After setting up, the oxygen monitoring systems from Vacker KSA can immediately start working with no false alarms.

As a leading authorized supplier of oxygen monitors to all over the major cities of KSA including Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Jubail, Al Khobar, Dammam, Riyadh, Mushayt, Khamis, Najran, etc., we put our consistency, delivering output, performance, reliability, and efficiency as a top priority. With Vacker KSA, you can enjoy consistency, reliability and efficiency in oxygen monitoring, without any compromise.

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