Duct Humidifiers

Dehydration is one of the issues that have been plaguing our society for a long period of time. Our body is made up of with more than 70 percent of water which is why dehydration can cause malfunctioning of our body in many ways. In case of a low humid environment, our body tends to lose water rapidly and cause dry skin, chronic joint and muscle pain. It also has metal effects on us along with raspy throat and sore eyes. A high level of moisture in the air too can prove detrimental. (Read about our Dehumidifiers)


Drinking water is not the only way to fight with dehydration. Sometimes, it is the dry air which is the main cause of dehydration. One needs to maintain the relative humidity appropriately to fight with the humidity in their homes and offices. The problem of low humidity is generally common during the winter season in Saudi Arabia. (Check out our Humidifiers)

The first thing low humidity affects is our comfort. It also aggravates the problem of asthma and allergy in patients. They are also known to affect wooden furniture causing them shrink and crack. Many houses and offices also suffer through static shock in low humidity. This is one of the most annoying effects seen during the winter season due to dry air. Many valuable electronic items are also badly affected due to low humidity. Hence, it is not recommended to store or keep electronic items in an environment having relative humidity less than 35 percent.


What is the best way to escape low humidity?

The best way to get rid of low humidity is to install an appropriate type of humidifier in our living space. A humidifier is capable of increasing the level of moisture in the air and maintains proper humidity in the living space. VackerKSA is the largest supplier company of humidifier in the KSA region. With many service centers all over the KSA region, we have been able to reach to our clients more effective than any other companies. You can find our services in major cities of Saudi Arabia such as Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Duct humidifiers by VackerKSA


VackerKSA supplies humidifiers with in-duct installation technology for all kinds of purposes. These humidifiers are designed to provide humidification in large volume for large areas and consuming very low energy. These humidifiers help to keep your winter warm by increasing the humidity of your living space. According to various researches our duct humidifiers are known to have decreased the heating bill of a place by 5 to 8 percent. Our humidifiers fit in almost any kind of HVAC system used in modern homes. We also provide free maintenance services for every duct humidifiers our clients purchase. With very easy to maintain features the maintenance cost for the customers is almost equal to zero but the humidifiers may need replacement of filter elements in almost every two years. Our duct humidifiers are very easy to install but very effective in its operation which is the reason our system is apart from others.