Greenhouse Humidifiers

A greenhouse is a special type of space with a controlled environment to grow unseasonal plants. It is generally made up of walls and roofs with a transparent material. Mainly glass and plastic are used in a greenhouse. The greenhouse is generally used to increase the temperature of the space to create a suitable environment for the plants that require a higher temperature to grow. It is due to the greenhouse that it is possible to grow fruits and vegetables in the winter season that would have grown only in summer season. Similarly, plants growing in the hot region can also be grown in the cold region. The greenhouse is an important part of modern controlled environment agriculture.


The significance of the greenhouse in this modern world have increased more as we face population boom throughout the world. Today we can find many modern greenhouses with high-tech facilities. The HVAC system of the greenhouse must be effective as heat, light, and humidity are the most influential factors in the development of plants.

Humidity in a Greenhouse

Humidity is one of the key factors that can affect the development of plants in the greenhouse. The plants inside the greenhouse require optimum care because of the controlled environment they are developed in. They are relatively sensitive towards various factors of the environment in comparison to plants grown outside the greenhouse.humidifier-for-greenhouses It becomes very important to maintain the temperature level as well as the humidity level constant inside the greenhouse for the proper development of plants. (Check out our Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers)

VackerKSA presents its clients with humidifiers equipped with the most advanced and convenient technology available in the market. Our humidifier can spread moisture in the air uniformly in a consistent manner. Our humidifiers are capable of producing the required humidity for the plants with really wetting the surfaces. Our humidifier helps in elevating the humidity level in the air which helps in the optimal growth, especially of tropical plants. Our humidifiers avoid creating pools of standing water by spreading humidity uniformly in the air. This avoids the growth of molds and mildew inside the greenhouse. highly-efficient-greenhouse-humidifier-saudi-arabiaToo much humidity is not good for plants inside the greenhouse hence, our system helps to maintain the perfect level of humidity.

Our humidifiers are very energy-efficient and reasonable in price. Our humidifiers have been installed in various large agricultural firms throughout the KSA region. These humidifiers are one of the easiest units to install and maintain. Our systems provide the most precise and accurate control over humidity which is why we have been called one of the best humidifier supplier company internationally. VackerKSA products are available in major cities of Saudi Arabia such as Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.a