Nitrogen Dioxide Gas (NO2) Detectors

////Nitrogen Dioxide Gas (NO2) Detectors

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is a highly reactive gas that is formed as a result of oxidation of nitric oxides. It is a natural process and is produced naturally in the atmosphere in a very small quantity. However, its production as a result of human activities is way greater than the natural production process. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a by-product produced on burning of hydrocarbons. Vacker KSA supplies Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detectors across various regions of Saudi Arabia.

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In modern days, nitrogen dioxide gas is present in the atmosphere as a toxic element that comes out from the exhaust of vehicles. Vehicles emit toxic nitrogen dioxide gas as a process of burning automobile fuels. This gas is not only toxic but it is also an originator of many other harmful air pollutants like particulate matters and ozone. Acidic rain and photochemical smog are also the consequences of an excess of nitrogen dioxide gas content in the atmosphere. Areas with high possibility of higher concentration of Nitrogen dioxide gas include fire halls, enclosed parking lots, warehouses, loading-unloading docks, municipal work garages and much more.

Why Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detectors by Vacker KSA?

Vacker KSA has a wide range of Nitrogen gas detectors from small handheld detectors to heavy duty industrial gas detectors. They come in both touch and non-touch models. As noticed, the price performance ratios of these devices are much better than other similar models from other manufacturers. We supply a series of Nitrogen dioxide gas detectors that meet all the guidelines and standards set aside by OSHA along with other national level safety in reference to the existence and accumulation of toxic gases. Nitrogen Dioxide is considered to be a toxic gas for humans. It is a reddish-brown gas with a pungent odor that is slightly heavier than air with a relative density of 2.62.

Some common features of Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detectors by Vacker KSA

Our valuable customers have rated us very high on price performance ratio in comparison to similar nitrogen dioxide gas detectors from other manufacturers. Here are some of the common features of nitrogen dioxide gas detectors supplied by Vacker KSA to all of the major cities of KSA including Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Jubail, Al Khobar, Dammam, Riyadh, Mushayt, Khamis, Najran, etc.

  1. Long lasting battery backup.
  2. Touch and non-touch methods of operation.
  3. Gas detection range of 0-500 parts per million (ppm).
  4. Gas detection radius of 50 feet.
  5. No false detections.

These are some of the common salient features of nitrogen dioxide gas detectors that are supplied all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Vacker KSA. We have separate gas detectors for vehicle exhausts. These devices are getting more and more popular each day. For a better result from the nitrogen dioxide gas sensors these devices, generally immobile nitrogen dioxide gas detectors, are mounted 4-5 feet above the ground level.

Nitrogen Dioxide gas is formed quickly from the emission of vehicles using automobile fuels. The relative density of Nitrogen Dioxide gas is higher (in comparison to air) which clearly indicates that the sensors must not be mounted too far from the floor. However, near large vehicles that are equipped with high exhaust stacks where the gas is thrown higher in the air, the sensors must be placed relatively higher from the floor in order to detect the accumulation of Nitrogen Dioxide gasses. Depending upon your requirement, our team of experts will help you in installing and mounting of these sensors so that you get the best result out of the usage of our products.

Vacker KSA has other devices that are a combo of both Nitrogen Dioxide gas and carbon monoxide gas detectors for a better monitoring of toxic gases in the ambient air.

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