Air Quality Meter, Particle Counter

////Air Quality Meter, Particle Counter

If you have been feeling uncomfortable because of the air quality at your home, your workplace or any other indoor public place and you are not being able to pinpoint the reason behind this then Vacker KSA will help you know the reason behind it. The quality of air also determines the quality of personal health to a major extent. Hence, having an air quality meter or a particle counter at homes, workplaces or any other indoor spaces can be vital for human health. Vacker KSA provides Air Quality Meters, Particle Counters in Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.

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Most of the humans spend almost 90% of their time indoors. Therefore it is a fundamental requirement that the quality of indoor air must be good. In modern days, controlling the quality of air has become seemingly a challenging issue.

All of us know that CO2 (carbon dioxide) can act as a slow poison even if it present in the air at meager level. It is harmful to especially those with health problems and children as well. It is harmful for the organization as well if the level of CO2 is above normal level as it will make you hard to concentrate resulting to low productivity.

Air Quality Meter Model BZ25

If you want to monitor indoor air quality continuously then Air quality meter model BZ25 is the model you are looking for. It can constantly monitor air quality and air particles in indoor spaces like home, classrooms, hospital areas and even workplaces.

  1. This device uses accurate and stable NDIR measurement process apart from measuring temperature and humidity. It reads the level of CO2 present in the confined space and displays the reading on the display screen. The result is in the form of ppm (parts per million) and displays the change in unit ppm.
  2. The users can manually adjust the level of CO2 they want in the air quality meter. This device also has an alarm function to notify the user if the level of CO2 exceeds the adjusted level.
  3. The display screen displays the date and time, which can be manually adjusted, along with the air quality indicator. The air quality indicator shows the level of harmful gas in the confined space so that necessary precautions can be taken accordingly.
  4. carbon-dioxide-air-quality-monitoring-device
  5. High levels of dust particles in the living room can be suffocating, although it is not visible to naked human eyes. Apart from that high levels of harmful gases in the indoor spaces where human live and work can cause problems that may go neglected in the preliminary stages.
  6. The air quality meter helps you measure the quality of air in your indoor spaces. If its sensors detect a higher range of harmful gases then the users are notified with alarms. The alarm alerts the occupants to take preventive measures like using exhaust fans, opening of windows for the circulation of fresh air, etc.
  7. Apart from just monitoring and making readings of harmful gases in the indoor air, the air quality meter makes readings of temperature and relative humidity as well.

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Every home must have an Air Quality Meter, Particle Counter from Vacker KSA because of the following reasons:co2-data-logger-BZ25-vackerglobal

  1. It monitors the level of CO2 present in the air so as to ensure the level does not exceed the normal point that it becomes harmful for human health.
  2. It helps in maintaining a relatively productive environment as it helps monitor and control CO2 level which eventually relaxes fatigue and increases concentration of the employees.
  3. It ascertains that the indoor air quality remains harmless for the humans and other living beings as well.

The residents of our kingdom spend more than 90% of their time in an indoor environment. Therefore the quality of indoor air must be optimum for regular use. Impurities present in the air can be a major issue of concern for any sensitive environment. Hence, Vacker KSA supplies you with a variety of air quality meter and particle counter so as to monitor the impurities and prepares the user to take preventive measures.

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