Compound light Microscope

From the days of yore, microscope has gradually developed its features in many ways and now we can find high featured compound microscope which has magnifying powers of 1,000 to 2,000X. Since it has its own light source this compound light microscope also known as Bright Field Microscope. When it is called bright field microscope it simply means that the sample what you want to check can be lit from below and observed from above and it is because the compound light microscope is made of more than one lens.

VackerKSA offers compound light microscope which is easy to handle and operate. Normally, the microscopes are heavy in weight and difficult to move from place to place especially while you are traveling. But this one is very convenient and simple with powerful features. Also, relatively small in size with simple and easy storing option. Hence it comes with its own light basis.

Benefits and users of Compound Light Microscope


Microscopes have been very useful for the reasons mentioned below:

  • The main unique feature of Compound microscope is it comes with multiple lenses so it is easy to observe and can find much more details about the sample so it will be very helpful for the Laboratories and for the medical sector. Because unlike olden days, during shorter time period compound light microscope makes easy for the people to check and get the details for pathology labs to observe and identify diseases. So during shorter time duration, it makes easy for them to find cures for the observable diseases.
  • Our compound light microscope is not only beneficial for scientists but also helpful in detecting and resolving many criminal cases. Once a criminal case happened there might have some human cells so by using the microscope in forensic laboratories it is easy for the detectors to examine and find the guilty person and the responsible people for the criminal activity.
  • An also in drug exporting and importing businesses through this compound microscope the Forensic experts and scientists are able to find from which country those drugs are sent from and other details to find the criminal party especially observing the particles. So with the help of this device within a lesser time, in a convenient way, police and other government parties easily detect the guilty person.
  • For university and college students compound microscope is very helpful especially while doing experiments and studies to observe and detect the virus and bacteria. Since those are invisible to the naked eye there is a high requirement for the compound microscope for universities and colleges. So students can perceive the things which they study in theory and take the real experience while checking those in the real world. And VackerKSA offers compound microscope with a competitive price especially for schools and universities laboratories.
  • Plantations, flower growing business and greenhouses has various problems with bacteria and infections so those can be easily detected and give special treatments before it will spread to other plants also. This is beneficial manly if you are doing plantation as a business so with a fungus or bacteria effect there is a risk of losing all the plants in a shorter time period and this compound light microscope will be helpful in such situations.

Types and features of Compound Light Microscopes VackerKSA offers


We offer different types of compound light microscopes. Based on the application we offer devices for various categories such as:

  1. Clinics and labs
  2. Home and hobby use
  3. Schools and universities

And also we offer all the head types of devices such as:

  1. Monocular
  2. Binocular
  3. Trinocular
  4. Ergonomic

Additionally, there are devices available on objective lens as:

  1. Achromatic
  2. Plan
  3. Semi-APO Plan
  4. Semi Plan

And when it comes to illumination type, VackerKSA offers Halogen, LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent, and compound-light-microscope-vackerglobal-saudi-arabiaMercury Arc and for Camera mount C- mount and Ocular mount devices will be available with us.

You can choose your own preference from each of the sections and if you want more specialized devices, VackerKSA is always ready to help you. Especially, if you seek expert advice when choosing the device and if you want more clarifications regarding the devices you only have to drop an enquiry to VackerKSA team and our sales team will get back to you with a quality product for a competitive price range.