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Building Information Modeling or BIM is an advanced topic of constructing buildings using computer technology. It has been long since people are building infrastructures, constructing houses, etc. From last few decades, there is an enhancement in the construction of buildings – usage of computer software. This is one of the main reasons for Building Information Modeling advancement. Vacker KSA or Saudi Arabia provides Building Information Management (BIM) solutions in Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.

Building Information Management or Modeling first began in the 1970s. This term BIM was written in 1986 in newspapers, but it was not popular then. Software technologies were limited and hardware dependency existed. It gradually picked up pace post 2000 due to software technologies enhancement. These days, BIM is very common all around the world. In the region of Asia, Pacific Islands, North America, Europe, it is growing rapidly.


Building Information Modelling Preparation Stage Vacker KSA

Building Information Management also known as Building Information Modeling or BIM is a process involving planning phase, design phase, building and management phases of various buildings. It involves the creation of digital models representing the physical and functional aspects of the buildings. Such models are of vital importance to people such as architects or organizations such as business or government agencies, who plan, design, build and manage infrastructures.

Projects like infrastructure or building construction are complex in nature. BIM helps in managing such type of difficulties in sectors like gas mines, electrical plants, wastewater treatment plant etc. They are also useful in commercial development like warehouse management, apartments, houses, villas etc. The design team constructs or enables the BIM software from their side and it is then passed to the maintenance team and construction team. This flow is on the same bucket and will be known to all of the branches. So, it is easy for all to follow the system and hence remains managed.

Building Information Model KSA

Building Information Modeling Vacker KSA

Building Information Modeling Importance in KSA

Bim Commissioning Stage Vacker KSA

BIM fosters team work. There are different people involved in a construction process. Any change in the system is shown to every team member who has the permission to view it. Architects, structural engineers, contractors view 2D or 3D implementations of the system from BIM and perform their tasks. Every change is now easy to deliver to the related person. Then the appropriate action is taken for the building construction. Building Information Modeling helps contractors, engineers, architects, etc., to work collectively and in a collaborative manner.

BIM helps in analysis and simulation. This helps to take decisions soon as it is updated in a continuous manner. Hence, decision making can be improved greatly. Project related members are up to date every time and work based on the BIM that helps all people to work in a coordinated manner. Because of collaboration and easy delegation, time spent for the actions take less time. It also helps to lower the cost. Problems can be eliminated in an easy manner and comparatively faster. BIM helps to predict the completion and problems that may occur in between.

Building Information Modeling or BIM applicable areas in KSA

BIM Building Information Modelling Final Stage Vacker KSA

BIM is the process which is used from start to end of the system. Here are the process involved description. BIM is extremely valuable tool to use while constructing and Building Automation.

  • Scheduling of construction: Potential problems detecting and identifying is done here. In this, viewing of construction process and planning of time in the virtual environment is handled. If we see the problem we reschedule and if not then pass the steps.
  • Planning of Site Utilization: Building management modeling helps to virtualize the concept of plant. It shows how the plant will be like that. We can see the allocation of the different equipment, cranes, material storage for the further process. It helps perfect planning to use of site utilization without conflict and before implementation.
  • Efficient Energy Concept: One of the modern construction concern is to save energy. BIM helps to calculate the energy consumption and lower the energy as possible as it can be. This is done during or before the project.
  • Estimation of Cost: BIM allows to estimate the total cost. It can be accurate before the project start. So, it helps to define the area to cover and lower the cost.
  • Planning of Maintenance: There are lots of situation in ancient construction of not getting old data at the maintenance time. BIM allows to store data and can be used in future.
  • Decommissioning: All the projects in construction have lifetime or decommissioning stage. BIM is useful for this type of calculation as well.

BIM trends and its benefits in KSA

BIM is new technology and offer different benefits. It is growing in the field of building construction. It has different benefits. Some of them are defined below:

  • Better Productivity
  • Better Visualization
  • Documents sharing among team is easy and fast
  • Including documents link, vendor’s information, locations and quantities can be easily done in BIM. It helps user to find data easily when required.
  • Delivery time is fast.
  • In future, use and modification in technology will decrease the cost and increase the usability.

Future work will be on green building development design and construction using BIM. It is named as Green Building XML. It contains all the information needed to calculate cost, energy consumption and all related matters. It will be helpful to save time and effort while simulations can be done through the BIM.

Building Information Modeling or Management or BIM is a never ending process on development until there is construction. It requires a different approach to get updated in designing, planning and construction. The main concept is to use less time to build high level work in low cost. This also creates a strong collaboration between the persons involved in the project. BIM has a very bright future.