Power Failure Monitoring

////Power Failure Monitoring

In this technical world where life is full of technologies, we cannot imagine our life without electricity. Modern equipment is all electrical. Not only in the industrial sector but also in the household area also. If a fridge is ruined or pipe is damaged, a basement flood and a failure in the irrigation system, the cause of the damage is usually power outage that causes the damage to the property. In the case of a fridge, if a power failure occurs, it causes damage to our food. Same as the fridge, if the power is interrupted, it hampers the business too.

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The server which maintains the accounts and keeps record needs uninterrupted operation of the system. In industries also, if a power failure occurs all the machinery goes at rest and the production stops which causes loss in the business. Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) are used but cannot always be used. Vacker KSA understands this crucial requirement and provides Power Failure Monitoring Systems in cities such as Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.

Power-off Notification

The problem of power failure has a solution. If we get a notification that there is a power loss than we all can save our work from getting spoiled. Vacker KSA supplies a number of devices that alert you of the occurring power failure by its power off alarm function.

This alarm is invented mainly for the remote control of appliances. A command can be given to the remote for power on and power off through a call or by sending an SMS. As soon as the device senses a power failure you receive an alarm that helps you know about the occurrence of power failure.

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There are various reasons that cause power failure. The reasons can be a thunder storm, cable breakage, overload on the power plant. The reasons can be anything that is not mentioned here too but our products let you get the reminder through its remote. There are various types of product of Vacker KSA which have a power outage alarm. These are classified according to their functions.

Some have the power to send alarms to various numbers at a single time. A unique feature of our products is that it comes with a power notifier that has the capacity to send alarm in ten different numbers. The place where products of Vacker KSA are needed is warehouses, abattoirs, industries, frozen food suppliers, supermarkets and many more. The damage caused by power failure or power outage can be very huge and can ruin the entire work.

There are various products of Vacker KSA in the market and only some models have this alarm system or give a power-off notification with its product of power watch. Power Watch is the new model of the device that is used in power failure monitoring. This model is the new most in the recent market of power failure monitoring appliances. This model has the feature of remote power on and remote power off for our appliance which is the main function of Smart GSM Power Socket. The model comes with different configuration of connectors and plugs.

The power off alarm functions more effective by the use of power failure monitoring Home Guard. It comes with a built-in SMS system and alarm system for the ease of our valuable customers. We deliver you with smart ways of monitoring your home or your office when it comes to monitoring the failure of power system. Power failure monitoring with a feature of power off notification in case of power failure will be alerted to you by an SMS. So that you can know the current status even if you are distant from the power failure monitoring appliances.

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