A pump is a mechanical device that uses pressure or suction in order to or move compressed gasses, liquids, or any forced air from one place to another. These devices use mechanical action to move fluids (liquid or gas). Pumps function with the application of some reciprocating or rotary mechanism and use energy in order to perform any mechanical work. They perform mechanical work by displacing fluids and sometimes slurries to a desired place.

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There are many preferred energy sources for pumps and some of the commonly applied energy sources are electricity, wind, engines (that use fuel) while some operate with manual operations. The range of supply of pumps by Vacker KSA is quite wide. We supply a wide range of pumps that are useful in various sectors in most of the major cities in Saudi Arabia namely Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc. We supply from very small pumps for household applications to very large pumps for industrial use.


Mechanical pumps can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be used for pumping water out from a well, filtering the aquarium, filtering the pond, aerating a pond or an aquarium. They are used in the vehicle industry for water cooling and injecting fuel. They are used in the energy field for pumping oil along with other natural gasses, the operation of cooling towers. They are used in the medical industry for conducting biochemical processes for developing and manufacturing medicines, replacements as artificial body parts. Some mechanical pumps can also be submerged in the fluid which they are pumping while some can be placed internal, external or both to the fluid.

Some pumps are single stage pumps while other are double or multi-stage pumps. If there is a single impeller revolving in the casing of the pump then it is a single stage pump. If there are two or more than two impellers revolving in the casing of the pump then it is a double or multi-stage pump.

In the field of biology, a variety of biomechanical and chemical pumps have come in the market. Biomimetics or biomimicry is the process of developing copies of models with the purpose of solving some very complex human problems.

Types of pumps:

Depending upon the method that pumps use for the movement of fluids, they can be classified as: Direct Lift Pumps, Displacement Pumps & Gravity Pumps. On the system of displacement, the pumps can be classified as under:

  1. Positive displacement pumps
  2. Impulse pumps
  3. Gravity pumps
  4. Velocity pumps
  5. Steam pumps
  6. Valveless pumps

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Positive Displacement Pumps


A positive displacement pump moves a fluid by locking a fixed amount of fluid in the release pipe. An enlarging cavity is used on the suction side by some of the positive displacement pumps and compressing cavity on the release side of the pump. The volume of discharge of the fluid is same in each phase of operation.

Impulse Pumps

The pressure formed by air is used in impulse pumps. The gas that is locked in the fluid is freed and stored somewhere inside the pump which creates a force that pushes the fluid upwards. Hydraulic ram pumps, airlift pumps, pulser pumps are the types of conventional impulse pumps. The impulse pumps allow direct transmission of fluid. To make this transmission directly, the pump must be fully made up of silicone rubber.

Gravity Pumps

In this pump a small volume of water is pumped from one place to another, generally to a higher level, with the help of gravitational force. It is an automatic pump.

Velocity Pumps


A centrifugal pump uses an impeller with backward-swept arms. Dynamic pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc. are some of the types of velocity pump where kinetic energy is added to the liquid to increase the velocity. The increase in velocity is then converted to pressure which results in the flow in the discharge pipe. The dynamic pumps can further be classified into various types according to its velocity and pressure. Dynamic pumps are very safe to operate as they can be kept under close valves for a short period of time.

Steam Pumps

Any type of pumps that operate with the help of steam and compressed air is generally a steam pump. Pulsometer steam pump, pistonless pump and steam engine are some examples of steam pumps. Small steam engines are not feasible as vapor engines are small in size and inefficient.

Valveless Pumps

Transfer of fluid in various biomedical and engineering fields is done with the help of a valveless pump. Valve or valveless does not make any difference in the efficiency of the pump. An example of ink jet printer can be taken that uses the mechanism of valveless pump.

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