Cold Room for Meat Storage Model Number (VAC-H14)

////Cold Room for Meat Storage Model Number (VAC-H14)

Meat cold rooms are important and crucial if you want to preserve and prevent harmful bacteria to develop in your meat. You can opt to go for a fixed or mobile cold room.

Tips for making a Cold Room

Due to the increasing demand for meat cold rooms, there has emerged different ways to make these cold rooms. You can opt for mobile one that you can move around with or one that is fixed at a specific place for you to store your meat.

One of the ways of making a meat cold room is using a Cool Bot and a standard air conditioner. Safe storage temperature is vital to avoid meat spoilage.

A Cool Bot (VAC-H14) can be used in the restaurant and with hunters as well. This cold room utilizes the cooling power of the air conditioner and makes the room to be a walk-in cooler to preserve your meat.

It can be installed in a cab of a truck, on a trailer that is in use, and on old buses. This makes it easier and convenient to move with wherever you want when embarking on your business.

If the cold room in immovable, it can be used by hunters when in the field trips and when doing deliveries to different restaurants and customers that require fresh meat instantly.

Types of Cold Rooms

  1. Freezing Cold Rooms


    Bacteria can easily develop in raw meat that is yet to be frozen, and therefore it is necessary to handle with care.

    In order not to tamper with the freshness of meat, it is important to invest in blast freezers which can work quickly and effectively.

    Meat should be frozen at 18 degrees Celsius to ensure that harmful pathogens do not start to grow. This temperature also ensures that the customers are protected from food-borne illness.

  2. Chilled Cold Rooms

    Meat stored here should be kept at a temperature not higher than 4 degrees Celsius. This enables you to offer your customers safe tasting meat that will not harm their health.

Advantages of meat cold rooms

  • Meat cold rooms aids in waste reduction: Due to their temperature control, they assure that meat stays safe hence spoilage is kept the minimum. This happens especially in hotels where they may need to cut cost by ensuring that their meat does not get spoilt.

  • Their ability to freeze volumes of meat at once is important as it saves both time and money. If it’s a meat processing firm, it ensures that they can store a quantity of meat and therefore have can have as many clients as possible.

  • Cold rooms tend to form smaller ice crystal. This helps in maintaining the quality of meat in terms of taste, texture, and appearance. Unlike freezers that form large ice crystal that makes meat to lose its original taste and look as well.

  • They allow the safest way to store your meat. With cold rooms, you are able to offer healthy meat that will not interfere with the health of your customers.

Proper ways to maintain a clean cold room for meat

  • Always ensure that you remove wastes in a cold room immediately after removing the product that you need

  • Disinfect frozen cold rooms when they are emptied while chilled rooms for 48 hours twice a year.

  • Wash floor and rooms with detergents and hot water when emptied and rinse with clean water. Then spray with chlorine solution.

  • Follow correct safety procedure, like wearing gloves and proper garment while working in the cold rooms.

If you want fresh, delicious and safe meat to deliver to your customers, it is crucial that you have a cold room at your disposal.