Leak Detector

The leak detector is consists of a microphone that has the capacity to give signals, capture and display the smallest leakage sounds. This is generally useful for utility companies and industries related to crafts. The leak detectors are beneficial as the instruments that they use for measuring are universally applicable. This device has a special hydrogen method of measuring that is the most economical method of measuring and testing tanks, boilers, pressure lines and many more.

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Vacker KSA is one of the leading suppliers of a variety of leak detectors all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We supply a wide range of leak detectors to most of the major cities of KSA like Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.

The gas leakage in drinking water system and tightness in the metallic pipes can be figured out with the help of this device. Vacker KSA has a big list of instruments which are capable in making it a universal way of leak detection.

Benefits of Leak Detector

There are a number of benefits with the leak detector and some of them have been listed as under:

  1. Helps in tracing Gas Detection.
  2. Enduring Measurement and logging Function.
  3. Pipe-work Location.
  4. Pinpoint Acoustic Location and
  5. Detection of water leakage.

All these benefits that have been listed above can be found in a single device. With the applications of trace gas and acoustics, it helps you pinpoint the leak area. It is a specially designed leak detector.

Acoustic Pipe Detection and Leak Detection

It is one of the sophisticated tools that are used most commonly in the procedure of leak detection. It is generally most useful in pinpoint leak, narrowing down the search process and laying out pipes for various purposes. It uses refined microphones that have the capacity to decide smallest leaks and display the error before the work is to be processed.

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Benefits of Acoustic Pipe Detection and Leak Detection

  1. It consist of a pipe detection mode.
  2. All filters and parameters can be configured by the user
  3. It has been made with a function that supports touch screen facility and high-resolution graphics display
  4. It comes with an inbuilt memory that is full of pre-programmed applications that have a very quick access.
  5. It is considered to be highly sensitive and stout at the same time.
  6. It has a numerous function like tracing and detecting gas leak all on the one device.
Water Leakage Detection under the Swimming Pools

Water leakage detector is a useful tool in locating leakage under a swimming pool. If the swimming pool starts leaking then it is extremely difficult to point out the exact spot of leakage. But our Water Leak Detectors help you locate the exact point of water leaks. The most interesting thing about the usage of this device is that you do not have to break the concrete around the swimming pool. You do not need to worry on that. However, the surrounding of the pool must not be too noisy during the conduction of test. The leak detectors work with the application of acoustic waves hence too much of noise around the test scene may not give you accurate results. It works on the basic principle of sound, which will be generated if there is any point of leakage. The leak detector will thus locate the exact locate by detecting the variation in sound.

Technical aspects of Leak Detector

Some of the major technical attributes of the leak detectors by Vacker KSA are as under:

  1. Measuring and Logging function.
  2. Touch-screen and multiple key controls.
  3. Amplification of 120 dB low noise factor.
  4. Back-lit LCD display screen.
  5. Internal memory for storing recorded data.

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