Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Detectors

////Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Detectors

The device that is used to detect carbon dioxide in the surroundings is known as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Detector which operates by the use of battery power. This device is very portable and easy to use. This instrument uses infrared technology and makes the user assured about the proper detection of carbon dioxide mixed in the surrounding. It not only measures the carbon dioxide but temperature and humidity can also be measured. The carbon dioxide detectors generally have a battery life of 24 hours. A quick view of current carbon dioxide level is shown by the LCD readout and alarms are delivered when the limit of carbon dioxide mixture exceeds the safety line.

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CO2 content in air, if above normal level, is considered harmful for humans. Hence, Vacker KSA helps you know the CO2 content in the air with its wide range of CO2 detectors. We supply a variety of Carbon Dioxide Detectors and meters to most of the major cities of KSA namely Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc. Data and information are viewed on the screen and can be easily transferred to a spreadsheet. Each type of reading is a combined result of date, time and accurate analysis. The device can be used to record carbon dioxide level and temperature of a particular day or hour and even for a month. All the recorded data are stored in a memory and can be transferred to any other device.

The workers who have to work in enclosed areas where carbon dioxide become harmful for the workers health can use carbon dioxide monitor and data logger. This monitor is used in gas monitoring for the places that are restricted for humans. The carbon dioxide monitor is cost-efficient and provides safety too. The device uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery which requires 48 hours to be fully charged. It has the capacity to determine accurate compensation of altitude and has no over-exposure on its memory. The data that are stored do not lose value and can be stored for a long period of time.

The carbon dioxide detector is very easy to use and consists of various features like one button off and on system. There are various methods to warn the user for the exceeding level of carbon dioxide. The data logging system has free software that allows to detect the exposure of carbon dioxide and to verify whether the carbon dioxide has exceeded the limit or not.

It can record IAQ levels for more than a month and no values are lost. Commercial analysis can be made easier by this detector. If the carbon dioxide detector goes out of charge or gets fully discharged the data are not lost as it contains non-volatile inbuilt memory.

The device, carbon dioxide detectors uses gas lab software for setup and real-time data analysis, data logging and many more. This device can be imported to any file in any industry-standard software or a spreadsheet.

The places with high humidity level require hydrophobic filters that cover the inside vents that allow air flow but humidity is excluded. It measures carbon dioxide by non-dispersive infrared and it uses diffusion method of sampling. The value measured is accurate and no maintenance is required. The data recorded are transferred using USB cable and wall adapter.

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Features of Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors

Some of the major attributes of the CO2 detectors that Vacker KSA supplies are listed below:

  1. One of the top-selling portable CO2 detectors in the Kingdom.
  2. Outstanding price-performance ratio.
  3. Apart from measuring CO2, also measures temperature and humidity.
  4. Easy to install and ready to use.
  5. Easy calibration hence saves time and your money as well.

Some other Specifications

  1. It measures CO2 content in parts per million (PPM) with a measurement range of 0~9999 ppm.
  2. The measurement accuracy of CO2 content is ± 75ppm, ± 5% of CO2 content reading (0~2,000 ppm).
  3. It can measure parameters like: temperature (oF or oC) and % of relative humidity.
  4. It is extremely handy and very portable.
  5. It has a strong Li-ion battery that has a backup of up to 24 hours on a continuous reading mode.
  6. It comes with an audible alarm function of 80 dB as to notify if the level exceeds the normally set level.

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