Environment Monitoring

The surrounding in which we live is called environment and this living to be health, the quality of the environment has to be checked and monitored. The process and actions that occur to monitor the environmental quality are known as environment monitoring. This monitoring system is used in the preparation of environmental impact appraisal and to determine the harmful effects on the natural environment. The environmental monitoring is divided into three types that are air quality monitoring, water quality monitoring and soil quality monitoring.

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Environment Monitoring System

Vacker KSA supplies a wide range of simplest to sophisticated environmental monitoring system that are fit for both indoor and outdoor uses in Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.. Environmental monitoring systems are for monitoring and keeping records of the basic conditions and parameters of the atmosphere. These parameters include temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, rain, etc. We would like to tell you to not get confused with environment monitoring system over weather monitoring in connection with the parameters that are monitored.

Broadly speaking, weather monitoring may fail to be an integral part of the environment monitoring system. Other parameters may include chemical monitoring, biological monitoring, radiological monitoring, microbiological monitoring, populations monitoring, soil monitoring, etc.

We supply environment monitoring systems that are comprehensive of the recording system. However, there are customers who wish to record the measured data. Hence, for them we also supply environment monitoring system with recording features.

Points to consider while selecting an Environment Monitoring System

There are a few things you should take into consideration prior to selecting an appropriate environment monitoring system.

  1. The system should be capable of monitoring all the parameters that you wish to monitor.
  2. The system that you have chosen should have an expandable feature. If you wish to expand or add additional modules, sensors or other features then that should not be too much of a problem.
  3. The system should have a provision of centralize recording system so that you can monitor remotely.

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Weather Monitoring System and Weather Stations

If you need to monitor parameters that are related to weather then weather monitoring system is what you need to meet your needs. General parameters that are monitored by a weather monitoring system include: rays of sun, wind, temperature, humidity, clouds and rain.

For basic and simplest of models for weather monitoring system, Vacker KSA supplies wireless weather stations. These are desktop weather stations comprising of wireless sensors. These wireless sensors can be mounted outdoor. There is a display monitor (screen) which can be placed indoor for viewing of relevant data. You can choose your different models for monitoring different parameters. However, we supply some models that can monitor various parameters in one.

Meteorological Monitoring System

Besides weather monitoring systems, we also have meteorological stations that will assist you in collecting meteorological data, which can be transmitted to your central computer. Some of the common meteorological parameters may include: Wind speed and its direction; atmospheric temperature; relative and absolute humidity; precipitation; air quality; soil quality; lightening etc.

Monitoring of Environmental Components

Apart from the general monitoring systems that Vacker KSA has in offer for its wide client base spread in major cities of KSA like Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc., let us have a glimpse of monitoring of environmental components.

  1. Air Quality Monitoring

    The procedure of determining the quality of air that surrounds us is known as air quality monitoring. The air is monitored by the specialized equipment and methods that are analytical to control the air pollutants. These specialized equipment are activated by researchers and regulatory agencies to detect the quality of air and the causes of air pollution. There are air dispersion devices that are used in interpreting air pollutants.

  2. Soil Monitoring

    The procedure of collecting soil and testing its quality, type and purity using analytical methods is called soil monitoring. The collection of soil is done by two types known as grab sampling and composite sampling. The sample of soil that is generally collected randomly from the field is called grab sampling and the procedure of mixing various types of sample soil for the non-uniform field is called composite sampling. During the soil testing, pH, Sulphate, Phosphate and Chlorides can be checked and detected.

  3. Water Quality Monitoring

    The way or method that determines the purity and quality of water is called water quality monitoring.

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