Hydrogen Gas Detectors

Vacker KSA supplies a wide range of hydrogen gas detectors from small to heavy duty, fixed type to mobile type, touch method to non touch method. We deliver a complete solution for the detection and monitoring of hydrogen gas in the ambient air. These devices have visual and audible alarms. We have been connected to our large client base through all the major cities of KSA including Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca, Khamis, Mushayt, etc.

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Why do you need a Hydrogen Gas Detector?

Hydrogen gas possesses many harmful effects on humans. There are high possibilities of catching fire when hydrogen gas is mixed with air. It can also form into asphyxiation where the atmosphere around the humans will minimize the level of oxygen resulting in many health hazards. Hydrogen in liquid form is a liquid cryogen which can cause frost bite. Hydrogen can easily dissolve in many metals can cause hydrogen embrittlement which may lead to corrosion and explosions. Hydrogen in nontoxic in itself but it is highly flammable in nature. It can lead to accidental burns as the hydrogen fire is extremely hot but almost invisible in nature.

Because of these natures of hydrogen, a hydrogen gas detector is a must for areas where production and accumulation of hydrogen is a possibility.

Hydrogen Gas Detectors by Vacker KSA

Hydrogen is emitted by lead-acid batteries in the process of charging and discharging. When the concentration of hydrogen reaches 4% to 75% then the ambient air becomes relatively explosive. Hydrogen gas detectors by Vacker KSA are specially designed that warns the users or other around the vulnerable area if the concentration of hydrogen gas reaches Lower Explosive Limit of 4%. These devices are very user friendly and easy to install. Moreover, the price performance ratio of hydrogen gas detectors from Vacker KSA is found to have much better figures in comparison to similar products from other manufacturers.

These devices come with specific hydrogen gas sensors that are highly sensitive in detecting and monitoring of hydrogen gases. You can connect an exhaust fan to these devices that can be activated automatically once the concentrations of these specific gases reach critical levels. A remote notification can be sent to the user or simply audible and visual alarms can be set.

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These devices are used to meet the minimum requirements for a confined space and be in compliance with the standards set by the associated regulations of the Nation. In the case of failure in meeting these basic requirements in the monitoring of hydrogen gas production and alarming on reaching critical levels can lead to an invalid insurance policy. This will expose your company to a higher level of risk if any injuries take place because of a non-responding hydrogen gas monitoring system.

Some of the salient features of these Gas Detectors

  1. It can take universal power inputs with dual DC or AC power supply.
  2. It can start operating for diagnostic test with a simple push button.
  3. It has both audible and visual alarms.
  4. The sensors have a working range at a temperature range of -4°F to 176°F. Further, these sensors can operate in perfect condition throughout an extensive range of temperature and humidity.
  5. These devices are specially designed so that they are perfect for remote location monitoring.
  6. The sensors are highly sensitive to a minimal error in output.
  7. Easy calibration and low maintenance cost.
  8. Large backlit display makes the reading of gas detected easier.
  9. The battery backup for the mobile nature of gas detectors can easily last for more than a day of operation.

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