Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Winter season is the season of dry air. We often relate the winter season with chapped lips, dry skin, and sore throat as well as common cold. The root of all these problems is the lack of humidity in the air. Low humidity can cause a lot of other problems apart from aforementioned problems. Hence, it is necessary to install a Humidifier in case of low humidity in the air. Similarly, high humidity can prove detrimental, and as such a Dehumidifier is needed to remove excess moisture.

VackerKSA has a wide range of humidifiers for its clients. We provide different types of humidifiers based on different types of working principle. Steam humidifier, Ultrasonic humidifiers, Spray mist humidifier, Greenhouse humidifiers, Duct Humidifiers are some of the major types of humidifiers available in the market.

Ultrasonic Humidifier


An ultrasonic humidifier is very unique from other humidifiers. It consists of a ceramic diaphragm which is capable of vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency. Such quick vibrations convert the water into small droplets without producing any kind of noise which is then released into the air in the form of cool fog. The unit also contains a small fan. The function of the fan is to push out the mist produced in the unit through small pores. Ultrasonic humidifiers have piezoelectric transducers that help them to vibrate with such ultrasonic frequencies. One of the main disadvantages of these types of humidifiers is that these humidifiers do not purify water before releasing them into the environment, unlike steam humidifiers. They are also likely to spread various kinds of pathogens in the air that are present in the stagnant water. Hence it is necessary to use distilled water in an ultrasonic humidifier. One can also use demineralization cartridges in the humidifier to avoid spreading minerals from spreading in the air.

Merits of installing humidifier

1. Comfortable living space


Just like high humidity low humidity also causes uncomfortable living environment. Low humidity increases the feeling of cold in people. Dry sinuses are also quite common in low humid condition. Standing hair is another problem that is caused due to low humidity.  Installing a humidifier helps to get rid of all these problems and create a comfortable environment in a living space.

2. Protection of wooden furniture

Low humidity can damage various types of wooden items including furniture. Installing a humidifier ensures there is no damage to the wooden items due to low humidity.

3. Health benefits

Installing a humidifier helps us to get rid of dry skin, chapped lips, irritated eyes and sore throat along with many other health problems. It also maintains humidity in the air that is suitable for people with asthma and other respiratory problems.

4. Bid farewell to static electricity shock

Static electric shock can be quite awful for people. It is generally created due to the low humidity in the air. To avoid static electricity development it is necessary to maintain humidity above 45 percent. Humidifiers help us to maintain the level of humidity in the air and prevent the development of static electricity.

The products of VackerKSA are available in cities of Saudi Arabia such as Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.