Green Energy

Today our world is facing a very serious problem of energy crisis. As the population of the world is already inching towards 7.5 billion and with the increased industrialization the need for energy conservation or green energy has never been more important. The process of reducing the energy consumption through various methods is known as energy conservation. Conservation of energy has much importance as it is helpful in protecting the environment of a place as well as saving costs.


There are various benefits of energy conservation. In industry energy consumption helps to increase the efficiency and increase profit. Personally, people want to reduce energy consumption to reduce costs which also help in the protection of the environment. People are also getting more aware of the energy conservation due to the hike in energy costs in recent years.

Environmentally speaking conservation of energy helps in reducing emission which will help in preventing climate change. They also help in fighting with energy shortages that are so common around the world.


One of the best ways to tackle with an energy crisis that is prevalent is the use of green energy.  Green energy by definition is the type of energy that does not produce any kind of harmful emissions in the environment and is renewable. There are various types of green energy that have surfaced as an effective alternative to the fossil fuels. Some of the examples of green energy are hydroelectricity, hydrogen fuel cells, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy. Hydroelectricity is one of the most common forms of green energy which is way cheaper than the fossil fuel energy in the long run.

Green energy is sustainable energy as they are renewable and can be extracted in unlimited amount. It does not compromise with the requirement of the future generation. The use of green energy is extremely safe for both humans and environment. They help in reducing the pollution of environment unlike others sources of energy such as fossil fuels, coal, wood etc. We all have to consider the harmful effects that are caused due to the use of fossil fuels. These fuels are non-renewable which means that continuous use of these fuels can result in the exhaustion of the fuels. Due to the pollution caused by the consumption of non-renewable source of energy various kinds of problems in human health can be seen. They are the main cause of excessive level of pollution in the environment.

Various sources of green energy


Green energy is produced from nature itself and hence its sources can be found in nature. Some main sources of green energy are sun, wind, and water. Nuclear energy can also be considered a source of green energy but nuclear wastage can be a very dangerous prospect for the environment if not handled carefully.

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