Liquid and Water Level Monitoring

////Liquid and Water Level Monitoring

Yes, it is a matter of great concern if you need to monitor the level of water or any other liquid. If you have tanks and containers that contain fluids then it is a must that you need to regularly monitor the level of fluid inside it. All of us need to make sure that none of us bear extra cost so as to refill caused by leakage or simply to prevent overflow. However, there are devices to detect and monitor leakage issues separately.

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Vacker KSA, as one of the leading suppliers of liquid and water level monitoring system, have a wide range of supplies all over the major cities of KSA that include Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Jubail, Al Khobar, Dammam, Riyadh, Mushayt, Khamis, Najran, etc. We supply various types of monitoring systems with touch and non-touch methods. General tanks and containers of such nature are large storage tanks, fuel tanks, sewage tanks etc. In modern days, liquid and water level monitoring models come with evolved sensors with transmitters that transmit data and consist of a receiver that is used for receiving data for further processing.

Floats with contacts for signals

The floats are a form of liquid level measurement that is considered to be the oldest form. It consists of an air-filled ball that is connected to a lever. An electrical switch is activated by the float that rises when the liquid reaches the desired level. The float rises up with the liquid to activate the electrical switch. There are two types of material which are plastic and stainless steel which the user can choose according to its application.

Ultrasonic level sensor measurement

These are ultrasound level gauges and the most commonly available and used nowadays. The measurement by these sensors is done by a non-touch method where the ultrasonic sensor transmitter is fitted at the topmost part of the tank which sends signals to the bottom of the tank on a frequent basis. The signals that are sent by the sensor bounce back at the top of the tank again. The total time taken by the transmitted signal to reach the transmitter again after being bounced back from the bottom, gives the exact measurement of liquid contained in the tank, is determined by the transmitter itself. Afterward, the display screen displays the exact reading of liquid or water level contained in the container. Further, if the device has a transmitter as a supplement then the data is transmitted for further analysis and processing. These are also known as laser beam liquid level transmitters. But let us know that, laser beam is not used for the measurement.

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Radio wave liquid level indicators

These devices are similar to ultrasound level sensors however the only difference is that these devices use radio waves instead of ultrasound signals as the ultrasound sound level sensors do. The transmitter is set at the top of the tank. The signal that is sent by the device bounces which helps in knowing the distance between the top of the tank and the level of liquid contained in the tank.

Microwave liquid level transmitters

Microwave liquid level transmitters also have similar operation methods like the devices that we have discussed earlier. The only difference is the measurement of level is done with the use of microwave signals.

Hydrostatic liquid level switch

Hydrostatic liquid level switch measure the pressure applied by liquid column. The pressure applied on the sensor is directly proportional to the height of the liquid.

Capacitance liquid and water level monitoring sensor

The level of liquid measures the capacitance, which is developed between the wall of the container and the probe.

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Water level monitors

Water level sensors are common liquid level transmitters. Most commonly used monitoring systems are ultrasound measurement as well as float indicators. Float switches are the cheapest forms of switches available for tanks.

Silo monitoring systems

Silos are tanks that are used for storing food grains, food oil, flour etc. Alternatively, these are used for storing other items such as powders and cement. These are generally made up of stainless steel and use ultrasound level indicators.

Automation systems in liquid level sensors

Liquid level sensors have evolved with automation systems that are capable of communicating through protocols like Modbus, BACnet, etc. Our teams of experts are always available to help you with automation.

Phone call, SMS alert in liquid and water level indicators

We have devices with that can be remotely monitored and adding more to that these devices can send alerts in the form of phone calls or simultaneous SMS to the users if the level of liquid or water crosses critical level.

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