Hospital Room Monitoring

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In hospitals, critical parameters of patient rooms need to be continuously monitored, recorded and alerts generated if required. This will be required in many cases as regulatory requirement. Such Hospital Room monitoring systems are required for patient rooms, Operation Theater, isolation ward etc.

What are the parameters to be monitored in patient rooms?

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Generally the following parameters need to be monitored and recorded:

  • Temperature of the room has to be continuously monitored. The temperature level should not exceed the specified levels.
  • Humidity of the room also need to be monitored, because high or low humidity will cause discomfort to the patients.
  • Pressure monitoring is required especially in critical rooms and isolation wards. This will be basically differential pressure monitoring, which is comparison of pressure inside and outside the room.

How to select a hospital room monitoring system?

While selecting a suitable system, you may consider the following factors:

  • For an existing room, you may prefer to use a device which does not require power supply. In such case you can avoid new power connections.
  • If all the rooms are having WiFi, a WiFi based system is preferred, again because there will be no wiring required.
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  • The unit should have a display so that the occupants or the attending staff can see the readings on the screen.
  • It should be capable of generating at least Email & SMS alerts and phone call alerts for very critical rooms
  • If it is a self-contained battery unit, the battery power should last a couple of months at least so that frequent recharging is not required.
  • Email or SMS alerts should be generated in case of low battery or WiFi disruption
  • It should be possible to generate periodic reports so that you can download the reports for your records
  • If it is a cloud based system, you can check the data even if you are outside the hospital premises. So in case of an alert you can check the current status and take corrective action accordingly.
  • Differential pressure monitoring is generally of critical nature and should be able to generate a local alarm and preferably phone call alert
  • Differential pressure monitoring system also can be connected to a local network and data can be recorded. You have to decide based on your requirements

Our simple monitoring system for hospitals

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We are supplying a simple solution manufactured by Lascar, UK which incorporate all essential monitoring features as below:

  • The device has a large LCD display which can be read at a distance of 10-15 meters
  • The unit is wall mounting type in square shape and can be easily be clipped on to the mounting bracket being supplied along with the device.
  • Server based Email, SMS and voice call alert facilities can be provided.
  • Unlimited number of devices can be connected to a single cloud-based monitoring system
  • The entire set of devices can also be connected to a local server and data can be downloaded to this computer
  • Battery lasts 4-6 months and the battery is rechargeable. You will receive an email alert (and SMS if configured) when the battery level is low.

BMS based monitoring system for hospitals

Building Management System (BMS) is used in buildings for various critical parameters around the entire building. The parameters can be temperature, humidity, pressure, water level, smoke detection, door openings etc. In fact, any parameter to be monitored can be incorporated using different sensors. There will be central processors in each floor and possible in each section of the floor. All such controllers collect continuous data from all the sensors and transfer to a centralized computer system. Recording, alert system etc. can be generated through this centralized system. Also, the system can be connected to cloud server for remote monitoring.