Refrigerator Monitoring

Medicine refrigerators, blood refrigerators etc. need to maintain proper temperature levels to ensure proper storage of medicines, vaccines, food etc. Also Freezers used for body tissues, plasma storage, food etc. also are similar in their sensitivity.

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When it comes to the refrigeration temperature monitoring, there are different types of monitoring systems which can be installed in various kinds of refrigerators and freezers. As a result, it becomes way easier to monitor products and items that are required to be stored under strict temperature-controlled conditions. Remote refrigerator temperature monitoring comes into play during such scenarios.

How the refrigerator temperature monitoring & alert system works

With the help of our highly effective solutions, you can access all the temperature information via any internet connection and at the same time, you will receive a phone call, SMS or email alert if any of the monitored parameters exceed the permitted limits. You can generate customized reports based on your selected period. With the help of the remote refrigerator temperature monitoring, staff of your organization can keep a thorough watch on the rising and decreasing temperatures remotely.

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Major parameters to be monitored in a critical refrigerator or freezer

Depending on the criticality, the following parameters need to be monitored:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power failure
  • Door opening

How to select high quality refrigerator monitoring system:

While selecting a system, you have to check for the following main functions:

  • Is the monitoring system it suitable for an extensive variety of refrigeration units?
  • Can it comfortably use various temperature sensors, circuits and transfers without a moment's delay?
  • Can it give accurate information on temperature, power status, whether a door has been opened etc.?
  • Will it give reports of temperature, humidity etc. on weekly, monthly or any custom period?
  • Is there a periodic charge for the software of the refrigerator monitoring system?
  • Is there a display screen on the device so that you can see next to the refrigerator?
  • Will it generate email, SMS and Phone call alerts in case temperature or humidity goes high?
  • Can it also generate email, SMS and Phone call alerts if the door is opened for a long duration?
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  • If you want to move the refrigerator to another room or for maintenance, can you easily
    disconnect the system and reconfigure? (If you use Radio frequency systems, moving to another room will always be a problem since you need transmitters & receivers to be configured)
  • Can you monitor refrigerators & freezers from multiple locations in a single software?

Our solution for refrigerator temperature monitoring:

We provide a complete solution for refrigerator monitoring in hospitals, laboratories etc. As explained in the next section, a WiFi monitoring system will be ideal when you have large number of refrigerators and freezers.

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Features of monitoring system:

  • Two different models to work on either WiFi or wired LAN are available.
  • Can be used as refrigerator data logger if you do not want remote monitoring. It has its own memory of 8000 readings and you can download through USB cable
  • Current readings are displayed on screen. There are two sensors and the display is alternating or you can set only one sensor on the screen.
  • The monitoring device has its own battery backup and the data will not be lost even in case of a power failure.
  • If you want temperature of two adjacent refrigerators to be monitored, you can use one device having two temperature sensors.
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  • Temperature from -60° to 120°C can be monitored and recorded. If you want extreme temperature to be monitored beyond these limits, we can provide special sensors.
  • Cloud based monitoring system is available without any extra cost. The data is uploaded every minute and hence static IP address is not required.
  • Email, SMS and Phone call alerts can be generated to 4 operators. If temperature or humidity goes beyond the programmed limits, the alerts will be generated.

Why we recommend WiFi monitoring system for refrigerators especially in hospitals?

Even though we are supplying monitoring solutions based on Ethernet, WiFi, Radio frequency and Zigbee technology, we prefer WiFi monitoring solutions for medical refrigerators for the following reasons:

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  • A new WiFi network can be easily setup with a budget of under $50.00
  • So if you want to make a new room with multiple refrigerators, you can connect all these devices in a single WiFi monitoring system
  • Depending upon the strength of the network, you can connect 20 to 30 devices in a single WiFi network.
  • If you want to change the refrigerators or add refrigerators, it is easy to configure in a WiFi monitoring system compared to a Ethernet system.
  • In case of Rf (radio frequency) or Zigbee network, if you want to add a new refrigerator in a new room, you may need to add additional receiver even for a single device which will become costly.
  • For configuration of Rf or Zigbee sensor, you always have to depend on the original
    supplier, Chart of Rerigerator Monitoring Software VackerGlobalwhereas WiFi device can be configured by any IT technician.

Inserting the Temperature sensor in Glycol bottle

For a refrigerator, the door opening is very frequent and hence there will be regular temperature fluctuations. Such regular fluctuation will cause false alarms as well. In order to prevent same, the sensors inside refrigerator are inserted inside a glycol bottle. The temperature properties of glycol are similar to that of medicines and hence the temperature inside the glycol bottle will be recorded and alerts will be generated accordingly.