Cold Room for Mobile Cold Storage Rooms which can be assembled on Trailers (Model Number VAC-H20)

////Cold Room for Mobile Cold Storage Rooms which can be assembled on Trailers (Model Number VAC-H20)

We might need cold rooms for transporting perishable goods and have no enough space to store them. The above cold storage room comes in handy for that purpose. Below are a few points to note about them.

Features of Cold Rooms with Windows AC

  • These cold rooms have windows ac units and split ac units and have cooling units that are huge. They are made in a way to modify the normal home ac units to function as coolers.
  • They do not need maintenance on a regular basis to be done by expert technicians. These walk-in cold rooms are supplied together with ac units.
  • They are also installed and fitted entirely, however, the company encourages its customers to do regular maintenance through technicians that can be found locally in their vicinity.
  • These cold rooms usually work with windows ac home type or a split unit ac that has few modifications on it rather than the vast cooling units. This enables them to save up to more than 60% in the cold room. These modular walk-in cold rooms are easy to assemble if one gets local help wherever they are.
  • Installation of these ac does not need technical skills for anyone to assemble them. This makes even any local technician able to set them up.
  • They also have a warranty of two years on them if they have any manufacturing defects on the cooling units they make.
  • These units do not require the specialized maintenance like other regular cooling units. These units also do not use much electricity like the conventional cooling units, they can save up to 50% of energy and thus helping in saving electricity, although this may be different and vary depending on the electricity tariff in the locality.
  • These systems can also run on small generators that produce less electricity as they use normal current. This makes customers who buy them not to be concerned about electricity concerns even in a local place that does not have access to electricity.
  • They also operate on a single phase of power that is rated at 13 A which is the same as regular home units. This ensures that they do not require the high voltage 3 phase high voltage energy supply.
  • They can also be installed and put in mobile trucks with a capacity to hold the cold storage rooms and can be fitted with solar power to operate them as they consume less power while in operation. There are already more than 35000 installed cold rooms around the world.

Applications of the Cold Rooms

These walk-in cold rooms can be used for nonfreezing applications that are the same as standard cold rooms. Farmers can use them to store vegetables and fruits that are close to the farm just before they are taken for further processing. This is possible as most farmers can easily install these cold stores cheaply.

The cold rooms can be used to store meat that is in distribution centers and restaurants. This is because they need a temperature of about 3-4 degrees Celsius. These economic cold rooms are suitable as there is space constraint and the big cooling systems will be a significant constraint to them. These cold stores could also be used for storing flowers as the other convenience stores are not suitable for storing because they have a high flow rate of air.

How it works?

Their operating system is similar to that of the conventional cooling units which are usually of considerable size. The large conventional units work using the flow of air as they have large fans which the use to help circulate air more quickly. The standard ac units cool down the atmosphere below 16 degrees Celsius, but these are made in a way that they can cool the air to temperatures that are below what the standard units can.