Phase Contrast Microscope

As the name implies phase contrast microscope improves the contrast of the colorless, transparent and unstained objects, and makes it visible and easy to explore the components of sample bacteria or cell. It is designed with the ability to view all microorganisms; therefore these microscopes are commonly used to examine samples like biological tissues. (Check out our other microscopes)

In olden days before phase contrast microscope developed, laboratories and explorers faced great difficulties when observing the transparent objects because they wouldn’t absorb light, so from the normal microscope no one can identify anything clearly especially even the essential details.  So with the development of the microscopes physicist Frits Zernike discovers the phase contrast microscope and created the working life easy for explorers. Vacker KSA is a supplier for Measuring Instruments such as Microscopes in all major cities of Saudi Arabia such as Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, etc.

The new phase contrast microscope uses both direct as well as the indirect light and from that it increases the quality and description of the transparent specimens.

In an environmental-friendly way, the greatest benefit of this Phase Contrast Microscope is it can examine the living samples without hurting, killing it or staining it. So any researches or lab explorer can observe and examine the aspects of the on-going biological process of the live cell. They can observe it with a clear-cut view and high contrast so the results of the exploring process will be highly accurate and complete.

Types of Phase Contrast Microscopes

This microscope comes in two different types as Positive Phase Contrast and Negative Phase Contrast Microscope. For Positive phase contrast microscope, it helps to examine the samples which come with medium to dark grey images in a lighter grey background. These pictures always include a bright radiance along the edge of the specimens. Negative phase contrast comes with the opposite features of positive phase contrast microscope. It examines the samples and comes in lighter with a dark background and it includes dark radiance in the outline of the image.

Users and common features of the Phase Contrast Microscope

This device is generally needed in the fields of microbiology, medical research molecular and cellular biology and it helps to complete the researchers precisely with minimum time duration with high quality. Hence, there is a high demand for this phase contrast microscope because this will be the only device which has the ability examine a living cell naturally.

From a phase contrast microscope we commonly examine and study the live microorganisms such as cells and bacteria as well as molds and sperm, lithographic patterns, erythrocytes, protozoa, sub-cellular particles and glass fragments.

It makes easy to observe even the very thin objects or living cells under this microscope and this will be really beneficial for university and school students as well. Because it gives high contrast images students can identify the objects clearly and can learn easily without facing any difficulty so it makes learning process fast and precise. Vacker KSA provides Phase Contrast as well as other types of Microscopes such as Compound Light Microscope, Confocal Microscope, Digital Imaging Microscope, Fluorescence Microscope, etc. in cities such as Riyadh, Al Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah, etc.

Latest features of Phase Contrast Microscope

To avoid the effects of photobleaching, fluorescence microscopy designed with the combination of phase contrast illumination. From that, you can keep the sample any area you prefer using the non-destructive contrast enhancing technique (phase) and even without moving the sample you can switch the microscope to fluorescence mode.

With the help of the modern technological developments the phase contrast microscopes can capture pictures and video images with the help of CCD or CMOS computer devices. It creates a great evaluation and makes the work fast and easy going. So anyone in the other corner of the world can check the images and videos in few minutes and take impotent research decisions quickly without hesitation.

Vacker KSA offers all types of phase contrast microscopes as customer prefers. And also, we make sure all the parts are commonly available for the microscope once we offer the product to the customer. If you need any expert advice while choosing the model especially with your budget level and requirements we are always ready to help you. The only thing you have to do is to drop an inquiry to Vacker KSA sales team and we will get back to you with shorter time duration and with the best products.