Small Cold Rooms for Hotels and Restaurants (Model Number VAC-H9)

////Small Cold Rooms for Hotels and Restaurants (Model Number VAC-H9)

A cold room is a necessity if you are working in food industry. Whether you operate a big hotel, restaurants, or a small fast-food outlet a small cold room is a necessity.

There are different types of cold rooms for hotels and restaurants some of which include:

Cold Line Counters

A good cold line counter should be characterized by internal and external stainless steel body for its durability and longevity.

The equipment should also have inventive design features for simple maintenance. These features include pull out refrigeration cassettes. Each door or the drawer section should also be well designed to suit the applications.

Modular Step-In –Rooms

All modular step in rooms should have self-control boundary capability as a standard requirement. The extensive ranges of Modular step-in rooms available in the market include; those with different temperature ranges and different room size. There are also standard rooms that meet the reputable professional kitchen hygiene needs that are normally used by professionals. However, they should be in a position of giving the user sure guarantee of food safety according to the Food Act.

Rooms are available in a number of technical solutions and also environmentally safe refrigerant R290 and with HFC –free. The environmental impact of many refrigerants is just a fraction compared to time-honored environmentally harmful refrigerants.

Small cold rooms

The small cold rooms should be manufactured from quality components to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. The best small cold rooms are those made of stainless steel bodies both internally and externally.

Cold rooms for hotels Model number VAC H-9 at the same time benefits from innovative design features which include; pull out refrigeration cassettes. This makes it simple for maintenance or repair. At the same time, each drawer or door section can accept trays, pans or a number of smaller sizes to fit the application.

Hot Line Counters

There are different types of hotline counters on the market. For that reason, it is important to put a few things into consideration when purchasing one. Some of the best characteristics of a hotline counter are its suitability for storing as well as serving pre-cooked foods. It should also be made of good material that will allow the blower to circulate the air in the counter evenly.

Automatic Flake Ice Machines

The best type of Automatic Flake Ice Machines should be able to formulate a dry free-flowing sliver ice which is an ideal requirement for cooling of white wines, salad bar displays, or cocktails and champagne where crushed ice is needed. They are majorly used in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and cafes when a more stylish display is essential to enhance client appeal.

Bakery Cabinets

Although not many baked products are kept in a cold room, it is necessary to have one to be used when need be. The bakery cabinets should be specially developed to operate in the tough conditions of busy bake-off outlets or bakeries in convenience stores.

Bar Line Counters for beverages

Bar Line counters for beverages make an ideal system for the serving and storage of beverages at most favorable temperature for customer satisfaction. The small room model number VAC-H9 is manufactured from quality apparatus with stainless steel on both the exterior and interior all which makes them durable and long lasting.

They can be supplied in a variety of formats with either chilled wells, doors or drawers or ice bins or wells for storing the bottles. All are designed to make the service easier at point of sale. Glass doors are either sliding or hinged and can also be fixed to make an eye-catching point of sale for the merchandiser.