Water Quality Monitoring

////Water Quality Monitoring

Since high school, we have been studying and learning about the usefulness of water in our daily life and industries along with the safety associated with it. But the topics have merely been contents of the course book and hardly followed in daily life. When we fill a glass with water, get ready for a dive in swimming pool, prepare dirty clothes for washing or many other similar activities, most of us turn a blind eye in knowing if the water quality is of suitable quality for its corresponding use. In a way they are correct and safe as there are many experts involved in safeguarding the quality of water depending upon the usage.

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Water in our nation is monitored by state agencies, local agencies, volunteers and other organizations. Vacker KSA has been a major contributor in water quality monitoring and we supply water quality monitoring system to all the major cities of KSA including Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca, Khamis, Mushayt, etc. We work tirelessly so as to ensure that the quality of our most valuable resource is of utmost purity. Be it a small mass of contained water or be it a large volume of water, we have taken water quality monitoring as a critical practice and we have been contributing a major share in doing so. The data of water quality monitoring are used for various purposes like characterizing water, trends, identification of issues related to quality, determination of efficiency of water quality monitoring systems and much more.

Vacker KSA teaches every one of us about water quality monitoring because:

  1. The data of water quality monitoring can help track changes in the quality of water.
  2. Regular monitoring of water quality can help us in identifying the existence of problems associated with it.
  3. Today there are a number of water quality management regulations applied all over the nation. Regular monitoring of water quality can ensure us whether or not these policies and regulations are being properly executed or not.
  4. On a large scale, water quality monitoring data are used in the development of emergency strategies.

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Significance of Water Quality Monitoring

Human existence depends on water. It is not just a human that needs water for survival, other living things also need water to live and grow. Our body is made up of more than 60% water by weight. We need clean water to drink, chemical free water for crops to grow as food, used as steam in steam engines, applicable in operation of various factories, safe water in swimming pool etc. Hence we should monitor the quality of water to protect from contaminants and other possible ways of pollution. The data of water quality monitoring can be well used by the Farmers so that they can better use it in production and cultivation of crops. Our national level water quality monitoring agencies use this information in controlling water pollution all over the nation. Every one of us can use this information to know our role in degrading or maintaining water quality.

Monitoring and measuring of water quality can be a very difficult task. There are various types of water bodies in which some are of huge volume and each type has a different level of pollution. Every year tons of human waste is added in the water resources taken the level of water quality to a critical level. We should take responsibility of that as the quality of water human beings use influences their health and the health of the environment as well. Hence water quality monitoring is of utmost significance.

Vacker KSA supplies a wide range of water quality monitoring system that will help you monitor the quality of water from small household level to industrial and commercial level. We help you ensure that water you use is of optimum quality.

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