Clean Room Monitoring System

////Clean Room Monitoring System

Vacker KSA supplies a complete solution for clean rooms and clean room monitoring systems. We have been number one on providing and extensive solution for your requirement on clean room monitoring systems. We know that clean rooms are more sensitive areas where critical activities take place and sensitive products are stored. Hence all the parameters of the clean room must be monitored in real time so that the sensitivity is maintained. The cleanliness is controlled to the uttermost standard and other parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity, air particle, gas concentration, etc. are closely monitored and recorded.

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Your clean rooms must comply strictly with all the quality management guidelines set aside by the nation’s standards. For this you can regularly conduct vendor audits, prepare regular comprehensive reports and set real-time alarm systems along with well-managed monitoring systems. Our complete solution for clean room monitoring system comes with user-friendly software, one man easy calibration and a finishing touch of simple reporting system.

What are Clean Rooms?

Clean rooms are sensitive areas, places, rooms or any confined spaces where the level of pollutants along with possible contamination is controlled to the highest level because of the nature of the activity and product it needs to carry and store. Extremely sensitive products like medicines, vaccines, foods, vegetables, etc. are stored in the clean rooms and responsive research works are done in the clean rooms. Hence, you can make out that clean rooms are very important places. Clean rooms are classified in accordance with the number of particles permitted per volume of air. Every year clean rooms are being improved and standardized. New technologies are being applied to make clean rooms more and more better every day.

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Why do you need a Clean Room Monitoring System by Vacker KSA?

Vacker KSA provides clean room monitoring systems of highest qualities and has been satisfying the requirement of its wide client base through all the major cities of Saudi Arabia including Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca, Khamis, Mushayt, etc. All the clean room monitoring systems comprise of real-time monitoring system and perfect reporting system of the parameters recorded. All the clean room monitoring reports can be easily customized as per your requirements. We have systems that are ideal for a uniformity testing and will also meet the entire certification requirement along with wide range of monitoring, accuracy and high resolution. There are multiple sensors in one system for measuring and recording different parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality etc. You are in safe hands if you have the support and services of our expert team. We have been a regular supplier of clean room monitoring systems and we have a strong base of satisfied customers.

Salient features of Clean Room Monitoring System

  1. It can monitor a variety of parameters like pressure, temperature, humidity, air particulate, gas concentration, etc.
  2. It has a real-time monitoring system.
  3. It uses laminar air flow system in order to keep the clean rooms free from air particulate.
  4. It has higher degree of clean output resulting to safe storing of sensitive products and safe conduction of critical microbiological research works.
  5. It has a very low cost of repair and maintenance in comparison to other similar products from various manufacturers.
  6. A distinct air borne particle counter is used in order to determine the application of air borne particles.
  7. Separate browser based software is used for viewing and analyzing of recorded data.
  8. The recorded data can be downloaded in various forms like XLS, DOC, text etc so that the data is processed at your ease. This makes the analysis easier and the purpose of audit is also simplified.
  9. It uses multiple sensors for monitoring different parameters.

Various amendments are being made in the standardization of clean room monitoring systems. Recently, the EU has made revisions on manufacturing and storing of sterile medical products and upgrading the operations of clean rooms. However, the regulations have broad coverage with end result being the bottom line.

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