Vacker Offers Cheap Cold Rooms with Window AC

///Vacker Offers Cheap Cold Rooms with Window AC

Commercial buildings that are used to store goods are generally known as cold rooms. Manufacturer, wholesalers, customs, importers, exporters etc. use cold rooms in order to store their goods. Cold rooms consist of ports used for loading and unloading process from the trucks. Vacker KSA supplies a variety of cold rooms and its supplements such as Cold Room Monitoring Systems to its customer base all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been rendering services to most of the major cities of Saudi and they are Riyadh, Al Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah, etc.

Bid Adieu To Conventional Cooling Units

The climate is changing and the need for conservation of resources is increasing. The world requires ecological and sustainable techniques to maximize utilization and avoid wastage. Everyone knows about the cold rooms which have large cooling units. They are used for keeping flowers blooming. They are also used for storing delicious meats, fruits and vegetables.

Why are we here? We are here to rescue your fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, dairy products and much more! We offer cheap cold rooms with window AC. Prospective customers can save a fortune on the initial costs. The good news is that you do not need to call the technicians for regular repairs.

Cold rooms working on Split Air Conditioners & Window Air Conditioning units


Do you have a requirement of walk-in cold rooms? We provide the walk-in cold rooms with the air conditioning units. You can rely on us as we take the responsibility of complete installation. Do note that we encourage our valuable customers to get the installation done by the local technicians.

Features of Vacker Cold Rooms with Window AC

Do you wish to know more about the cold rooms that we provide? Take a quick look at the features of the Vacker Cold rooms with Windows AC or Split AC.

  • The modular cold room is easy to assemble. We encourage our customers to hire a local technician for the installation.
  • We offer our customers warranty of 2 years. In case there are any manufacturing defects, we will fix it for you.
  • The installation of the cold rooms does not require special technical skills. You can hire any local technician to do the assembly/installation.
  • The cold room works with a normal air-conditioner – split and window both. Minor modifications are needed.
  • You save 60% on the initial investment.
  • Do note that the conventional cooling units consume a lot of electricity. Are you troubled with never-ending bills? Take advantage of our cold rooms as you would be able to save more! Our units do not consume a lot of energy. You can save up to 50% energy charges. (It may vary as per your local electricity charges)
  • The normal conventional cooling units require a lot of maintenance. Our units require little maintenance.
  • Do you have a small generator in your home? Do not worry too much because the split AC units take normal current. If you live in a remote area, you can still get the cold room installed without any hassle.
  • We offer installation of mobile cold rooms for vans and trucks.
  • Since the cold rooms consume low power, it can also run on solar power as well.
  • We have installed more than 35000 cold rooms in United States of America and different parts of the world.

In this post, we have mentioned the Windows AC and Split AC. Do note that both of them are suitable. It clearly depends on your requirement. Go through the post to understand as to which one is best suited for your needs.

Calculation of cost savings for a small walk-in cold store using our AC units

Cold room of size 4mx4mx5m

Normal cold room + top mounted cooling units (USD)

Vacker Modular Cold room + modified window AC unit (USD)

Savings (USD)

Cost of the supply of cold room




Cost of Installation




Cost of Energy per month (differs as per the country)



350.00 per month

The Maintenance cost per six months (average)



500.00 per six months

Total cost for 2 years




Total savings made for 2 years




The above mentioned costs are suggestive and it varies as per the country you reside in, duties, tax, man power charges, etc. However, this will give you an idea about the cost savings and how much you need to invest. We provide the units from the Asian units as well. If you want a cheaper option, you can opt for the Asian units.

Is it convenient for you?


Is the cold room suitable for you? If you are still confused whether our system is suitable for you or not, you may want to read on. Consider the following facts before opting for our system.

  • We do not provide freezers. Do note that the cold rooms do not act as freezers. You would need to rely on the conventional coolers for the same. Our system operates above 0 degree Celsius.
  • If you live in a cold country, you may want to contact us and discuss the details. Yes, it works in the coldest temperature. However, we would need to choose the right brand for superior performance. We do not wish to disappoint you! Give us a call and we would cater to your requirements.
  • It takes an hour to cool the room to 4 degree Celsius. It would take a longer time to cool the room because we use Split/Window AC. If you want, we can use additional Split and Window AC to speed up the cooling process.
  • In case you have a large hotel, you may want to install the large Vacker cold room and additionally, you can also have a small conventional cold room. This will help you to reduce costs on maintenance, operation and capital.
  • If the door is being opened regularly, the temperature needs to be 2.2 degree Celsius. If you want the temperature to be below 2.2, we can install additional AC units. We recommend few door openings with this.

Applications of the Cold Rooms – Everything You Need To Know

We have customers from different parts of the world. They have different requirements and we cater to all of them without fail. Our economical cold rooms fit everyone’s budget.

Our customers use the cold rooms for multiple purposes. They are as follows:

  • Cold Rooms for Dairy Products - Our cold rooms are ideal for the storage of milk, cheese, and butter. We have retained many clients and they continue to use our cold rooms for storing milk products. We have a list of happy customers, who recommend our services to their friends, colleagues and family. Most of our customers use our mobile and modular cold rooms and they are satisfied with our system.
  • Cold Rooms for Morgues, Mortuaries, Crematoriums - Our valuable customers use the cold rooms for crematoriums, mortuaries and funeral homes as well. These specially designed cold rooms operate between 2°C to 4°C.
  • Cold Rooms for Food Storage - If you are running a restaurant, you may want to opt for our system. Our modular cold store is ideal for food storage at restaurants. It is economical and efficient.
  • Do you own a brewery? It does not require frequent door opening. Hence, you can opt for our cold rooms for this particular application. Our cold rooms offer a steady temperature which is suitable for the brewery.
  • Just like you use wine cellars, you can use our cold rooms as bar cellars.
  • Cold Rooms for Flower Storage - Keep your flowers fresh and blooming as we offer cold rooms for them as well. Do note that the walk-in cold rooms are not good for the fresh flowers. The powerful airflow reduces the lifespan of the fresh blooming flowers. You would be happy to know that our units do not have a powerful airflow. Your flowers would bloom all day long in our cold rooms.
  • Cold Rooms for Hotels and Restaurants - Most of the hotels and restaurants invest a lot of money in walk-in cold rooms. It may not be a great idea because there are space constraints. Our economical cold rooms are ideal for keeping meats and dairy fresh and edible.
  • Cold Room for Mobile Cold Storage Rooms which can be assembled on Trailers - Farmers face the trouble of limited space and limited power supply. They can install our economical cold store without spending a fortune. We do not aim to burn a hole in their pockets.

Opt for our Economic Mobile Cold Rooms


Do you to transport the goods from point A to point B? Do you fear that your goods will get damaged in the van? Call us and we would supply the Mobile Cold Rooms. All you need to do is store the good in the mobile cold rooms and cool it sufficiently. Once it is cold enough, you can disconnect the power and transport it to another destination. Make sure that you do not open the door before you are ready to unload the products. We work systematically and it would be helpful if you could tell us as to how much distance you wish to cover.

We would tell you the exact distance you can travel without power.

How does the mobile cold room work? All you need to do is plug it in at a local power and it is ready. You can put these Mobile Cold Rooms on lease for customers. This would help in generating revenue. You would get the perks and we would be happy to play a small role in that.

Is the cold rooms storage reliable?

Everyone gets the similar question in their mind before they purchase our system. The NYSERDA, (the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) has certified that our system works smoothly and does not overburden the AC units.

In case the number of door opening is six per hour, the AC unit would have a longer life because it reduces the number of cycles.

Save Energy by Using Cold Rooms

Energy saving is the trending topic of the season. If you wish to make a contribution towards planet earth, you must opt for Vacker cold rooms. The conventional units consume a lot of energy and they pose a threat to our planet. It requires 3 phase electrical power. Our system requires a single phase electrical power. If the size is large, it would require more for sure. Save up to 50% power by installing our system. Our cold storage room does not harm the environment because we care for Mother Nature.

Also, you can bid adieu to a huge electricity bill. You would be saving a lot of money by installing our unit. Do you want to save the planet? Do you want to pay a smaller amount? Call us and we would supply our efficient cold store at an attractive price.

Say No to Oversized Conventional Cooling Units

The conventional cooling units are generally oversized. This would escalate the initial costs which would translate to a hole in your pocket. Our economical cold stores are ideal for you. We can add an addition AC to enhance the performance and speed up the cooling time.

Quit the Front Door Refrigerators

Buying a small cold store would be a wise investment because it is cheaper than the front door refrigerator. Opt for a complete cold room and reduce costs. You can keep the flowers, fruits, vegetable and meats fresh in the cold rooms. If your job entails you to open the doors regularly, the cold rooms are not suitable for you. It is not advisable for supermarkets. If you can control the number of door openings, you can invest in a cold room. It will be worth it.

What’s the difference?

The operating principal of the cold room is same as of the conventional cooling unit. The conventional units focus more on larger fans and more airflow (Read more about our Exhaust fans). The circulation of air is fast which may not be suitable for some goods such as flowers. When it comes to cooling down the temperature below 16 degree Celsius, it may have certain limitation. Our system is economical and perfect for keeping everything fresh and blooming. Our special circuitry allows the AC unit to work at a different mode. It cools the temperature with ease.

What about the installation of economic cold stores?

We encourage our customers to hire a local technician to install the cold stores. Since it is easy to assemble, a local technician will be able to do it with flair. One does not need to have special skills for this. We also offer installation videos for our customers. In a nutshell, we make it easy for our customers.

The complete installation does not take more than 60-90 minutes. This is for a small cold storage room. If you wish to save thousands of dollars, opt for our system and hire a local technician to assemble it for you.

We are available for you through our helpline. You can contact us any time and we would be happy to assist you.

Regarding the Warranty

We offer two years warranty to our customers. The warranty is on the modified AC unit and the electronic circuitry. The good news is that these units have been working past 10 years.

What types of cold rooms we provide?

The following are the different variants of modular walk-in cold rooms.

What are you waiting for? Kindly Contact Us for all your cold room requirements as we supply positive walk-in cold room, walk-in refrigerators, mobile cold rooms, and much more.