Methane (CH4) Gas Detectors

Methane gas detectors detect the presence of methane gas present in the atmospheric air. Vacker KSA supplies various gas detectors that detect various toxic and non-toxic atmospheric gases. The chemical content of the ambient air is also detected by these detectors hence they are commonly known as chemical sensors. We have used a number of advanced technologies in developing the sensors for the analysis of various gases found in the atmosphere. All these sensors that analyze gases present in the atmosphere hence they are most commonly termed as gas detectors. Likewise are the methane gas detectors. These gas detectors detect and monitor the presence of methane gas in the air.

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We have general gas detectors that have the capacity of detecting more than one gas at a time. Furthermore, we also have specific gas detectors that can detect any particular gas. The latter is more efficient one. In each one, a separate transmitter along with receiver assemblies which are designed for usage in atmospheric areas those are potentially explosive. These devices have a CH4 detection range from 5 meters to 200 meters. These devices are built with corrosion resistant so that these are suitable for almost every type of environment. The methane gas detectors by Vacker KSA offer a highly significant economic output.

Some facts that all of us should know about Methane (CH4) gas

Methane is a chemical compound and the simplest alkane. It is one of the main constituents of natural gas in the atmosphere. Its relative abundance has made it recognize as a very attractive fuel. Despite this nature, storing methane is challenging in nature because it is in gaseous state under normal temperature and pressure.

Natural methane is available below ground and below the sea floor as well. When it reaches the atmosphere, it is called atmospheric methane. This atmospheric methane contributes to 20% of radiative forcing from all the greenhouse gases.

Safety and precautions from Methane gas via Methane Gas Detectors

Although methane is a nontoxic gas, it should be carefully handled because of its highly flammable nature. Because of this nature of methane gas, there is a possibility of forming explosive mixtures with air. Methane is highly reactive with halogen, oxidizers and other halogen containing compounds. It can result to be a harmful gas for humans and other beings as it is an active asphyxiant, which may displace oxygen in a closed space. If the concentration of methane gas in any enclosed space gets higher then the risk of asphyxiation becomes significantly higher. Methane can easily penetrate the interiors of buildings where the occupants are exposed to higher level of methane, therefore, modern constructions have specially engineered interiors that provide special recovery systems in capturing active methane and excavating them out of the building. Methane gas can form explosive mixtures with air hence methane gas explosions have been the reason for a number of mining disasters.

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Applications of Methane

  1. Natural methane is used in power generation by means of gas/steam turbines.
  2. Compressed natural methane is used in transportation as an alternative to automobile fuels.
  3. Methane is used in chemical industry for the production of various chemical compounds like methanol, hydrogen, acetic acid etc.
  4. Methane is also useful in the production of Synthetic gas.

Vacker KSA supplies a variety of both portable and immobile gas detectors depending upon the nature of the application. We have a long list of various methane gas detectors that are fit for industrial and commercial uses. Portable methane gas detectors are more famous than the fixed types of methane gas detectors. If you need to detect and monitor methane gas in different places that maybe time and again vulnerable in the production and accumulation of methane gases then portable gas detectors can meet your requirement.

We are one of the leading suppliers of gas detectors all over the nation including major cities like Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca and Khamis Mushayt.

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