Cold Room for Morgues, Mortuaries and Crematoriums (Model Number VAC-H15)

////Cold Room for Morgues, Mortuaries and Crematoriums (Model Number VAC-H15)

Nothing could be more disappointing than finding the remains of your loved ones scattered and all rotten in a morgue. This explains the significance of a cold room for mortuaries, morgues and crematoriums.

Features of a good Cold Room Model Number VAC-H15

It is important to understand that there are cold rooms that are for middle and also the high-level temperature, and the customers are required to give information about the dimension of the cold room outside, and the cooling capacity and compressor capacity is worked out. Other features include:

  • The mortuary cold rooms are made and designed to store for a more extended period and in a hygienic condition. The rooms are made of a material that cannot corrode to ensure that there are maximum durability and thermal efficiency. These assure that they are of high standards and the specifications are also requisite. The manufacturing of these cold rooms utilizes polyurethane foam of high density as the insulator.
  • These rooms are easily assembled and can be done by any locally available technician. The company also offers a two years warranty on the product in cases it gets spoiled or defects. The cold rooms also can operate with a standard air conditioner and window with just a few modifications needed. The other cooling systems use more electricity, but these cold rooms help to save on bills and energy as they consume less power.
  • The cold rooms require less maintenance compared to other cooling units, and they do not use a lot of ac power as they can be installed and operated with less electricity. The cold rooms can also be run on solar power.
  • The cold rooms are custom designed to enable them maximize the space that is available. This ensures that the system has maximum performance in the usable space in the room without impedance. These cold rooms can be custom built depending on the order of the customer, or they can also be prefabricated depending on the needs of the site where they are expected to be placed. These cold rooms also have an automatic emergency switch and a fully installed 100% redundancy.
  • These cold rooms are constructed under the instruction and guidance of experts in this domain to ensure that they are made to be highly efficient in storing and preserving the bodies for a more extended period. They are thus highly operational and have a longer functional life compared to the standard cold rooms.
  • The other conventional cold rooms use three-phase electricity and consume a lot of power, but this system uses one phase system. These enable power saving which would have escalated to high costs. They can also be enhanced with to allow them to have a faster speed in cooling.

Qualities of a good Cold Room for a Morgue


The best doors for a morgue’s cold room should either be sliding or hinged with ports or bespoke openings to suit the precise access required. Doors may be toughened with plywood if required.

A wide variety of door furniture, fasteners, hinges, gaskets and lockable catches are also available in the market according to the application.


Side and Front fascias can be expanded beyond the cabinets in identical materials to hide any voids, leaving a pleasing and an easy to clean finish.


A high tech cold room model number VAC-H15 offers a service reline cabinets with modern appropriate materials. This work is especially beneficial to clients who need to make changes to comply with appropriate hygiene regulations.